For those who have had miscarriages or have not been able to have children of their own

Women/couples who have not been able to conceive their own children, the multiplying purpose of sex is still for you.

The mourning that women and couples go through, when they have desired to have children of their own but yet were unable to conceive, can be devastating and confusing. This can especially be so if they are Christians and they read in the Bible how children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3-5) or read stories about women like Rachel (Genesis 30), Elizabeth (Luke 1), or Hannah (1 Samuel 1) and how God answered their faithful prayers.

If you are someone who is mourning over a miscarriage, inability to conceive children, loss of a child, regrets from having an abortion, or you might be desiring God to give you more children than what you currently have; I simply want to remind you what the “multiplying” purpose of sex is really about. I pray that this will bring you encouragement and some comfort, that no matter who you are, God has equipped you to fulfill the multiplying purpose, all for His glory.

The multiplying purpose of sex is about so much more than physically conceiving children. It has much more to do with God’s desire for His people to multiply. In other words, the ultimate goal of “multiplying” is accomplished through evangelism. With this understanding, even the childless are able to fulfill this purpose by being obedient to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), and to make it their mission to make disciples of all the nations.

Children are a common grace that God bestows according to His sovereign will, regardless if the parents are Believers or unbelievers. Therefore, we know that having children in and of itself cannot be honoring to God. As a Christian father, who professes that God has eternally changed my life through granting me knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ and His atonement for my sins, my ultimate goal in parenting cannot simply be to “have as many children as I want”. It needs to be more about evangelism than the number of children I have.

If I prioritize vacations, school, jobs, sports, and even family time with my children above my responsibility to teach them about Christ so that they might be saved too, then I am essentially telling my children, “Let’s have all the fun we can in this life, and then you can go to hell after that”. I know that sounds harsh and extreme, but what other message could I be sending to them if I do not prioritize the importance of knowing Christ?

It is not about how many children we have that pleases God, but it is all about what our goal is with the children He has given us.

This is why the multiplying purpose of sex is not just for those who have children of their own, but it is also for those who: adopt, minister the Gospel, teach in children’s church, youth leaders, Christian mentors, those who are past childbearing years, and anyone who finds themselves in an evangelistic opportunity.

If we consider all the non-Christians out there who are having children and have no desire to teach their children about knowing Christ, it should spur us on even more to become “spiritual parents” to those who do not have Christian parents.

If you have been seeking God’s comfort and guidance concerning the size of your family, I want to encourage you by reminding you that He has entrusted you with His Gospel message that brings people into His kingdom, making them children of God.

Whether you share the Gospel with your own children or someone else’s children, you are fulfilling the multiplying purpose of sex by your desire to see God’s people multiplied.

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