Why God Created Make-Up Sex to be so Great

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Make-up sex actually points the Christian back to the Gospel!

 Make-up sex is known as some of the most enjoyable sex that can be experienced in marriage! Even in the movies and television shows, make-up sex has been made to be known as some of the most enjoyable sex couples can experience. Little do most people know, God actually created make-up sex to be incredible for a much deeper and meaningful reason than for just pure pleasure.

God created the unity in sex to reflect the eternal and unbreakable bond between Him and those who love Him. As a husband and wife have sex, their physical and emotional union should reflect the fact that those who are saved through faith in Jesus Christ enjoy an eternal and unbreakable relational bond with God. God’s redeemed are “sealed for the day of redemption” as it says in Ephesians 1. It is impossible for a true Believer in Jesus Christ, who has been united with God in Christ, to be separated from Him and “lose” their salvation. We see the picture of unity very clearly in Ephesians 5 when Paul writes about the physical bond between a husband and wife is reminiscent of the eternal security that is enjoyed between Christ and the church.

1) The precursor to make-up sex: the need for reconciliation

What happens when two people have make-up sex? Make-up sex is the reconciliation of two people who were previously emotionally distant from one another. The distance and tension that two lovers feel when their relationship is not at peace is a reflection of how our sin separates us from God. The pain that a married couple experiences when they are not getting along should be a simple reminder of the pain that we should feel when we realize our need for repentance from sin. Fortunately, God offers us redemption and reconciliation through faith in Jesus Christ!

Jesus tells a story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) that clearly depicts the reality of just how painful it is to be separated from God for eternity.  Ephesians 2 explains how Christians were all children of “wrath” before they were saved through their faith in Jesus Christ.

Anytime a Christian husband and wife are experiencing dissension and separation in their marriage, they can be motivated to humble themselves and seek reconciliation with one another by being reminded of how God reconciled them to Himself through their repentant faith in Jesus. It is because of Jesus that they can enjoy eternal peace with God, and if their marriage is going to bring glory to the God that saved them, it needs to reflect the same reconciliation and peace that they have with Him.

2) Reconciliation! Peace where there was no peace

The main reason why God created make-up sex to be so incredible is because it is the consummation of a reconciled relationship between a husband and wife. This is the same joy that the Christian should experience upon their conversion through faith in Jesus (Luke 15:10). When a Christian makes the transition of being separated from God to being at peace with God, there is no greater joy in the world! The joy that a husband and wife feel when they have make-up sex should be a reminder to them of the joy they experienced when they “made-up” with God.

Why Make-Up Sex is for Husbands and Wives Only

If we remember that the purpose of unity is sex is to reflect God’s unbreakable and eternal bond with His elect (Ephesians 5:29-31, Romans 8:37-39), then we must also remember that the sexual relationship between a man and a woman must only exist in the context of marriage. When a man and a woman have sex, they need to also have the same commitment that God has with Christians: it needs to be unbreakable and eternal! This is why sex before or outside of marriage is sinful, because it does not properly reflect God’s committed relationship with His people.

One of the most celebrated aspects of the Christian life is the eternal security that one enjoys in their faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sin. So it should also be when two people have sex. A man and woman who have sex should experience the same security in their relationship as they do in their relationship with God. Anything less fails to appropriately reflect God’s image and character.

Every good and perfect gift is from God (James 1:17), therefore, it should all point back to Him and reflect His glory, His image, and His character. God created sex to first be an act of worship, and second as a gift for men and women to enjoy, all for God’s glory. If it is treated the other way around, the potential for sex to be used as a tool for sin and selfishness (even within marriage) is never ending and will fail to properly reflect His perfect image.  

So if you are married, go and enjoy your make-up sex as an act of worship! Let it remind you and your spouse or God’s unfailing love and eternal bond with those who place their faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

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