PLUM is an acronym for the four purposes of sex (Pleasure, Love, Unity, Multiplying) found throughout the Bible. Each purpose represents specific aspects of God's holy image, which in turn serves as a guide for Believers as to how to honor God with their bodies in pursuing holiness based upon His holy image. It should be the Believer's natural desire to want to please God through holy living, as He is holy. 

As the purposes of sex were created to reflect the holiness of God, sexual sin does the exact opposite. Sexual sin is defined by the misuse of the pleasures of sex in a way that distorts the image of God. These two realities reveal how PLUM serves as a guide for Christians as to what it means to honor God with their bodies in their pursuit of Christian living. 

Those who belong to God have been bought with the precious blood of Christ, therefore they are to present their bodies as a living and holy sacrifice. Sex was first created to be an act of worship, and secondly as a gift for men and women to enjoy, all for God's glory. 

My prayer is that Christians will be able to apply PLUM to their Christian life regardless of the stage of life they are in. Whether single, dating, married without kids, married with young kids, or married with grown kids.